Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Warchild by Karin Lowachee

Definitely a gripping, epic, enthralling read, despite (or perhaps because) being sci-fi.
But it is not a sci-fi centered novel.
It is the story of one eight-year-old Jos Musey, whose ship has been destroyed (the big spaceships that travel from planet to planet, not the wooden, sea-floating kind), whose parents have been killed, who has been ripped away from all that he knew, and thrust into the ever-so-kind care of the child-molesting pirate, Falcone.
It follows Jos as he escapes this brutal (and most likely perverted) creep, only to run into the arms of the "striviic-na."
He is taught by "the Warboy," who is a master assassin....
It is the story of Jos Musey as he suffers and hurts, spies and kills, trusts and deceives and betrays, doubts and hopes and dreams.....
But mostly, it is the story of growing up, the story of becoming a man, in a war-torn universe.
It is the story of a boy's coming of age.
A very enjoyable read. Lowachee has definite style.

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