Monday, July 24, 2006

.Hack: Legend of the Twilight By: Tatsuya Hamazaki

"The World" to many a virtual computer game, but to some a story of fate and destiny.

Shugo and Rena, normal twins of age 14 are just your average teenagers. Shugo a boy who doesn't waste his time playing video games, like every other boy his age, but instead uses his time wisely. On the other hand is his twin sister, Rena who would love some adventure and fantasy in her life, but is only a mere child. Complete opposites they are, but the love never stops between them, especially as they enter a new life in "The World." Rena being as loving and caring as ever, never thought she would reunite the heroes of "The World" together.
Rena had just started to play "The World" and had won a contest. The prize was very rare in the game. She had won the costumes of the legendary heroes, Kite and Black Rose. She also dragged Shugo into this game and from that day on they were no longer just Shugo and Rena, but the legendary heroes, Kite and Black Rose. Throughout there journey they met many companions, found a mysterious bracelet, and the game went haywire. Shugo sleeping and in his dream he found a very distraught looking girl looking at him. She gave him a very unique bracelet, known to be the rare twilight bracelet, the one that Kite used to own. Aura asked him to continue this game and finish what the heroes could not and left. Shugo woke with the bracelet in his hand glittering in the sun. Strange things started to occur, like the monsters started to attack level one players. Even the game administrator, Balmung also a legendary player could not figure out why. Will Rena and Shugo ever find out the mystery of this game? Will they ever succeed?

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