Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Prey by Michael Crichton

A military funded project has run amok and turned deadly. A killer "cloud" of nanoparticles was unintentionally released by a sabotaged laboratory into the Nevada desert. Programmed to be a predator, the deadly cloud stalks its prey - the group of programmers who created it. Moreover, the cloud was programmed to reproduce and produce offspring, as well as include a "genetic algorithm," and hour after hour, the swarms multiply and evolve exponentially to become more intelligent.

Schemes, intrigue, and distrust hover around the programmers as they struggle to outwit the swarms and preserve their lives. In this techno-thriller, Michael Crichton weaves an absorbing story with a message that cautions people to control a disturbing new technology that may be all-too-real in the near future. Andrew C.

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