Friday, June 18, 2004

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

When 5-year-old Bo and 12-year-old Prosper's parents died, their Aunt Esther decided that she would only take in the angel-faced Bo while Prospero would be dumped into an orphanage away from his little brother. Before she could do this, Prosper ran away with Bo to the beautiful city of Venice, described to them by their mother as a magical paradise. The cold reality of their predicament hits them as they are forced to fend for themselves. They are rescued by a band of young thieves, led by another child who called himself the Thief Lord, who help them find shelter and food, but eventually their aunt, furious of their escape, hires a detective to find them.

This fast-paced story describes the city of Venice through the eyes of the young thieves. Reading these children's adventures and escapes is full of so much suspense that it keeps the reader guessing until the last page. This book is a must-read to anyone who enjoys an exciting and amusing story. Tanya J.

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