Thursday, July 15, 2004

Drawing Lessons by Tracy Mack

DRAWING LESSONS is a book about a young girl names Rory, short for Aurora. Rory is an extremely talented young artist. She is an only child and has a wonderful yet powerful relationship. She also has a powerful relationship with her best friend, Nicky. Her art teacher asks Rory to do a drawing for an art contest. Rory accepts and is happy about it. But when her father is working on a painting, he does something he soon regrets when Rory comes to see him. Then her relationship with her best friend suffers when Rory hides her secret. Her relationship with her mom is tried because her mom finds out the secret. Her relationship with her dad is tried because of that secret. Rory has to work through her emotions because she may give up her art all together. This book is powerful and pulls you into it and shares the emotions with the reader. It's a good book, and I recommend it for all readers. Danyelle G.

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