Thursday, August 12, 2004

Fences by August Wilson

FENCES is a play by August Wilson and takes place from 1957 to 1965 in the vicinity of Pittsburgh. Troy Maxson, the main character in the play, was a great baseball player. Despite his incredible batting average, he never got a chance to have a career in baseball because of the color of his skin. Troy's son, Cory, has a talent in sports just like his father, however, Troy will not let Cory follow his dream of becoming a football player since he got turned down in baseball because of his race. He didn't want Cory to go through what he had went through. Because of his father's decision to cut him from the team, Cory begins to see Troy as someone who is holding him back. Throughout the play, the writer sets up a dramatic storyline, but at the same time amusing moments are mixed in to make an interesting conglomeration of writing both dramatic and comical. This is why I appreciate the structure of this play and its writing style. Fences tries to keep an imporant message throughout the book. The message is, give one another a shot at their goals and treat each other the way that you would want to be treated because we are all created equal. Bob P.

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