Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Giant Rat Of Sumatra by Sid Fleischman

THE GIANT RAT OF SUMATRA is a very exciting book with a slew of devilish characters. The main character is called Shipwreck because he was pulled from one. He ends up overhearing a plot on the captain's life and throws it off track. When in a port in Mexico, the Captain declares the ship unsafe and makes everyone leave. Shipwreck becomes the captain's new right hand man because he saved him and because Mexico is at war with the U.S. over Texas and Shipwreck is American. The Captain buys land and settles down. He runs another merchant out of business because when the Captain was young he always used to beat him. They run into Lady Wildcat, a desert bandit, and end up fighting a duel with her. In the end, the Captain and Lady Wildcat fall in love and marry. If you want to know what happens to Shipwreck, read this book to find out. This book is very good and I could hardly put it down to even eat. It is full of suspense. It is a must read. - Joshua M.

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