Friday, June 24, 2005


In the book SORCERESS, 18-year -old Agnes Herne is in college when she reads the book Witch Child. She senses a connection between Mary Newburry, the girl in the book, and one of her own ancestors, a medicine woman whom her aunt still honors. Agnes contacts the e-mail address at the back of the book, but someone contacts Agnes first. Agnes undergoes an experience that changes her life forever. Is it a dream or a vision? Could it be Mary? I think this book was written excellently. The mood was very dark and full of mystery as Agnes went into her visions. When she came out of her visions, the mood was lighter, and it lightened even more as she solved the mystery. Agnes grew more mature as she learned more about Mary. The book is a sequel to Witch Child, which was also a good book, so I decided to read the sequel. -Olivia R

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