Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Great Tree of Avalon: Child of the Dark Prophecy by T. A. Barron

This book is about the mysterious world of Avalon and the travels of Tamwyn, Merlin’s true heir, who has to find out who –or what he really is. At the age of 10 he is separated from his adopted brother, Scree, that is part eagle and part human. Tamwyn keeps having this strange vision of and old man giving a staff to his brother. On his quest to be reunited with his brother and to find out why the stars are going out one by one, he bumps into, or should I say falls on top of Elli and her maryth, Nuic, and Lynia and her maryth, Fairlyn, along with a hoolah, Hemmi. Together they journey to find the mysterious, Lady of the Lake, Merlin’s staff, and if possible even Merlin himself.

I loved this book. The story’s filled with adventure with a plot line that moves swiftly along. All the characters are interesting and come with their own secrets. – Olivia R.

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