Thursday, July 29, 2004

Armageddon Summer by Bruce Coville and Jane Yolen

Mazina's father, married and conscious of that fact, but ignoring it nonetheless, is dating a co-worker. Jed's mother who happens to be a responsible, reliable science teacher, has decided to run away with some photographer, and, as if their lives weren't messed up enough, their respective mother and father (who are not dating or running away with anyone) have taken into their heads that the world is going to end on July 27th. Right.

They are dragged onto Mount Weeupcut to spend 2 weeks with "religious maniacs" who speak with every word capitalized. Both find that living away from all the modern conveniences and surviving on only canned food really, well, sucks. And why should the world end? Especially right now when they've fallen in love for the first time.

Told in an hilarity-filled way, as both teens go through the normal and abnormal stress of teenage years. And when the Armageddon does come, just not in a way anyone expected, they must learn that life goes on no matter what.... Eileen Y.

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