Thursday, July 29, 2004

Watership Down by Richard Adams

Hazel was a young, strong, promising buck rabbit labelled crazy and insane for listening to his brother, Fiver, and leading a group of rabbits away from the warren in search of a new home. "Blood," Fiver had said. "There is blood eveywhere! Covering the field!" but it was all grass that covered the field. Fiver was having his fits again, that was it. But the warren had not learned to appreciate Fiver's strange visions for soon blood is covering the fields.

Hazel follows Fiver and the group follows Hazel. "Where are we going?" Hazel often asks and Fiver replies the same answer, "To a hilltop... to a place we may call home."

The road to "home" is far from easy as the rabbits soon learn. But with strength, ingenuity, trust, friendship, and hope they may finally find a place to truly call home.

A brilliant piece of work that just leaves you with a happy, pleasant feeling as if all is right with the world. Eileen Y.

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