Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Halloween Night II by R. L. Stine

Brenda's luck is absolutely not getting any better than last year. Her cruel cousin, Halley, has come to stay with her forever. Brenda's old friend, Dina, who tried to stab her, has returned from the mental hospital she was in, and that definitely isn't helping her mood. Just to make things worse, her extremely untimely boyfriend, Jake, was seen by Brenda and her friend, Angela (the new girl in town), kissing Halley in the foodcourt of the mall. Can life get any worse than this? It definitely does for Brenda.

This time the trio (Brenda, Traci, and Angela) is planning to get revenge on Jake by scaring him into calling for his mother. The plan is to go trick-or-treating with him throughout the whole neighborhood and, when they reach Angela's house, she is supposed to be lying down in a coffin with her hand sticking out as if she were dead. However, when they actually do reach Angela's house, she's nowhere to be found. Read the book to discover what happens.

My comments about this book are that it was mediocre because it copied off the first book, Halloween Night, a bit. It had a similar story, just a few differences such as the setting and two additions character-wise (Jake and Angela). The reason I chose this book especially is because it was the sequel to the book Halloween Night, which I enjoyed very much. - Abhinav K.

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