Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Witch's Boy by Michael Gruber

This fantasy story is one that makes the others seem like nothing. THE WITCH'S BOY has bits and pieces of the classic fairy-tales Jack and Jill , Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and others. But along with those there is a twist that brings everything together. In a way, it's a whole new approach on the Phantom of the Opera, fantasy style.

The story actually starts out when a witch adopts an ugly, abandoned child. The witch, however, had no experience whatsoever with children, so she gave the responsibility of the child, now called Lump, to a caretaker bear named Ysul. Lump ends up growing hateful and bitter, because the witch always seemed to have something to do or somewhere else to be. Lump wreaks havoc at a nearby village for revenge, causing the witch to lose magic and job. They end up moving to a new town, scraping by with what they can. As Lump grows older, his heart grows harder, but he still manages to fall in love with the vainest girl in town, Aude.

What will happen to Lump? Will he get the girl of his dreams? Will his heart finally melt? Not only a good story but a good lesson as well in it . If you wanna know the ending of this fantastic story, go pick up the book now! -Christine Y.

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