Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Wrinkle in Time

A WRINKLE IN TIME begins with Meg getting in trouble at school. This happens often. She gets home and has dinner with her brothers, Denny and Sandy (twins) and Charles Wallace, and her mother. Their father is working for the government and has disappeared. That night, Meg comes down to find Charles Wallace making hot chocolate. Her mom comes in and the three have hot chocolate together. A stranger comes in and talks to Charles Wallace as though they are friends (which they are). Later the next day, Meg and Charles are on their way to the stranger's house. They run into Calvin O'Keefe. They talk together and all continue to their walk to a stranger's house. They meet the stranger, Mrs. Whatsit, and her friend, Mrs. Who. After talking to them for a while, she tells them to come back later. That evening, Calvin, Charles, Meg, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Who and their friend, Mrs. Which, all meet together. They travel through space to the planet where Meg's and Charles ' father is. He is trapped by a huge brain named I.T. After several adventures, they get him out of his prison. All of them escape, except Charles Wallace who had his mind controlled by I.T. Meg returns and rescues Charles by saying that she loves him They escape together and return home for a big family reunion.This is a very good, but confusing, book. You should read it. -Josh M.

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