Friday, June 23, 2006

Dark Fusion: Duckling Ugly by Neal Shusterman

Let’s face it. Cara DeFido is the ugliest girl, no, person, in Flock’s Rest. She’s so ugly, her face can break mirrors. Literally. Her life was miserable, until one day, she receives a mysterious letter. There’s no name. Just a return address. The letter has three words: Find the answers. Cara is curious, so for weeks, she tries to figure out what the letter means by find the answers. The cutest boy in school then throws a bomb by asking her to the homecoming dance. It ends horribly, with him throwing up in the punch bowl. Cara runs away, and finds the place the letter came from. The place is called De Leon. It’s a beautiful valley, where everything ugly is given a chance to become beautiful. That is exactly what happens to Cara. But now, Cara has a serious taste for revenge, revenge against the people who made her life miserable.

Neal Shusterman has written a darkly humorous book, a mix of ‘The Ugly Ducking’, and the fabled tale of the Fountain of Youth. Its a dark humor and horror is sure to give readers a chill. – Olivia R.

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