Friday, June 23, 2006

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

In 1947, John Steinbeck wrote “The Pearl.” It is a tale of wealth and the power it holds over its weak-hearted pursuers.

Kino, the mina character, finds a great pearl. Quickly the word gets out. Sadly, Kino realizes that no one cares about his welfare and that all the others want is his pearl. Finally, someone sneaks into Kino’s house to steal the pearl. Kino kills the intruder. Realizing his wrongdoing Kino flees. On the run for several days, Kino makes the decision to kill the trackers. In the confusion, a shot is fired and Kino’s son is hut! John Steinbeck in the course of the story shows how the alleged answer ends up being the greatest problem.

Steinbeck’s unique style of writing supplies the reader with detail but at the same time gets straight to the point. His characters respond well with the plot’s surroundings and situations. Because of its well-written plot, the underlining meanings, and his unique writing style, I highly recommend reading “The Pearl.” – Mary C.

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