Thursday, July 20, 2006

Camp Fear by Carol Ellis

Eight new camp counselors, all about eighteen or nineteen years old, begin shaping up Camp Silverlake for the children arriving soon. Some of those counselors have been to Camp Silverlake before, years before, when something unspeakable occurred. Now, seven years later, someone is haunting those counselors at Camp Silverlake, turning each individual’s worst fears into reality.

Although this book was a bit predictable at times, overall it was a great, suspenseful, blood-rushing novel. Camp Fear by Carol Ellis will surely thrill any mystery lover! - Timmy W

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Alan! said...

Camp Fear is Ellis' best teen horror novel and it vastly surpasses any of the Fear Street novels as far as predictability is concerned. (Hello...if you live on Fear Street, you or someone you know will die by the end of the novel. It never fails.) Though it is somewhat predictable (obviously if you put a bunch of teenagers at a camp in the middle of the woods someone will die...have you never seen any of the Friday the 13th movies?), the book will keep you on the edge of your seat. Frankly it is exactly what I look for in a suspense thriller- packed with romance, suspense and treachery!