Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Window by Carol Ellis

After a sprained ankle keeps Jody from enjoying the slopes for the rest of her ski vacation, she decides to stay in her room in the cabin, without anything to do. A little spying into another cabin wouldn’t hurt. Especially when the cabin belongs to the lovely Leahna Calder, whom boys drool over while girls wish they were even half as pretty as she was.

Too bad someone feels different. Someone wants Leahna dead, but whom? It couldn’t be one of the other six staying at the cabin with Jody, could it? Each one had a motive, but only one’s reason for wanting Leahna dead was strong enough to actually kill.

And while that one person is fighting Leahna, leading to her death, Jody is watching. She sees everything…including the killer staring back at her.

The Window by Carol Ellis is full of suspense and will keep mystery-lovers on their toes all the way till the end! - Timmy W.

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