Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Checkmate in Carpathians by Mary Reeves Bell

The book, CHECKMATE IN CARPATHIANS, finds Con and Hannah on their way to Romania to vacation with Hannah's uncle, the American Ambassador. On the train, Con sees Hans Grunwald, also known as Dirty Harry. Hannah doesn't believe him. Con finds a letter from Frau Rozstosk asking him to find the son of a long dead friend. This leads to an exciting adventure. Con and Hannah go to the house Frau R. named in her letter and find an orphanage with a boy named Poppy, and Con promises to come back to help Poppy. Con and Hannah meet Dirty Harry again. Can they escape? Who is Poppy? Read this book to find out!

I think that this book illustrates the tension in Romania after WW2. I think Poppy almost became the main character. This book's mood changed from very happy to sad to scared and stunned. Josh M.

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