Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Vanished by Jean Waricha

Many people vanish without a trace. VANISHED tells of some of the most famous of all these cases. Was Ambrose Bierce killed in the Mexican Revolution, or was his stressful life too much to handle? Did George Leigh Mallory ever make it to the peak of Mt. Everest? Was Amelia Earhart alive after her plane crashed, or did she even make it to land? Whatever happened to Michael Clark Rockefeller who went exploring in New Guinea and never returned?

This book has its ups and downs. For me, one of the ups is its mysterious tone. I love reading mysteries. One of the downs is that it only has a few pages for each disappearance. The mood changes. For most cases, the mood starts happily, with the only exception being Ambrose Bierce who, growing up, hated his parents. Then the mood starts to go bad. For instance, Amelia Earhart's plane started to run out of fuel. Then things quickly go from bad to worse when the disappearances occur. Bruce H.

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