Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Baby-Sitter by R.L. Stine

Jenny Jeffers has just taken a baby-sitting job at the residence of the Hagens. The Hagens are a compassionate family. Mr. Hagens is a bit strange because he is paranoid over his son, Donny, but he is nice... for the most part. The house the Hagens live in looks like a first-class haunted house, and Jenny does not like it one bit. The things she dislikes the most are the bizarre phone calls from an anonymous man and the "surprise" visits from Mr. Willers, their neighbor.

One day, when Jenny went for the first time to get her jacket from the closet in the master bedroom, she saw clippings of newspapers belonging to Mr. Hagens. The headlines were all about murders of baby-sitters. Before she could run away from there, Mr. Hagens grabbed her and forced her into the car. They drove about forty miles out of town to an abandoned quarry. There was a pit there, which was about a hundred feet deep with sharp rocks at the bottom. Mr. Hagens pushed Jenny as hard as he could into the pit. Read the book to become aware of what happens.

My comments on this book are that it was full of suspense and excitement. It was a pleasure reading this book and very helpful grammatically to me. I enjoyed the book very much and would with no hesitation recommend this book to anyone. I selected this book because it looked like it was the type that had a turn of events. - Abhinav K.

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