Thursday, July 07, 2005

Charmed: Mirror Image by Jeff Mariotte

MIRROR IMAGE has affected me by its family tone, while keeping up with the drama and fast-paced excitement of the unreal world of magic.

Paige Matthews meets a mysterious young man, claiming to be a good witch. Will Paige trust him over her Charmed gut feeling?

Will Pheobe Halliwell be persuaded by an old letter left to the Charmed Ones from a great-great-great Aunt Agnes, telling her to distrust Paige?

Will Piper Halliwell and her two sisters make up before something goes terribly wrong?

All the while the Charmed Ones lives are in disarray, bones of fifty plus people of 100 years ago are found. That's when the present day killings start. Could this be a supernatural coincidence? -Chelsey C.

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