Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rise of a Hero by Hilari Bell

Legend says that when Farsala needs a warrior, Sorahb will be restored by the god Azura. Now is that time. After a devestating loss to the Hrum army, Farsala has nearly fallen. Only the walled city, Mazad, and a few more of its uninhabited regions remain. Three young people, Soraya, Jiaan, and Kavi, are waging war against Hrum as best as they can. Alone, they cannot conquer the Hrum, as none of them are the Sorabh restored, but together, they can manage to destry the Hrum.

RISE OF A HERO is the sequel to the acclaimed book Fall of a Kingdon by Hilari Bell. This book is a great book for people who love Lord of the Ring type books or if they love medival tales about war and myths. This book has a dark mood of bloodshed and death, even until the end of unifiction. After reading the first book of The Farsala Triology, I ws compelled to read the second book. Rise of a Hero is just as amazing as Fall of A Kingdom.

-Olivia Ren

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