Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Snow by Caroline B. Coony

Christina, a seventh-grader, lives in the Schooner Inne with the Shevvingtons. Christina goes to the school on the island and lives in the Inne with four other children, in the book The Snow. Christina thinks that the Shevvingtons are evil because they made Anya, a young sane girl, go insane. They seem to be nice people, but christina believes they have a hidden agenda to kill the children. Throughout this book, Christina tries to save herself, Dolly, who is another little girl, and the old Anya. My favorite part of this bookis how Blake, the young, handsome man who Christina loves. but he loves Anya, protects Christina from the Shevvingtons. I also liked how Christina saved Dolly from the Shevvingtons' insane son. -Chessa H.

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