Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Behind the Curtain (An Echo Falls Mystery) by Peter Abrahams

Ingrid Levin-Hill is back for another chilling mystery. After the events in Down the Rabbit Hole, Ingrid’s life is back to normal, or so she thins. Now, her dad’s job seems to be coming out of hand, while mysterious people keep trying to get her grandfather to sell her farm, no matter how many times he says no. to top it all off, her brother ahs been having mysterious mood swings, he’s not acting like himself, and he’s becoming extremely buff, too buff, and all too fast. That’s just in her family, but outside of her family, she has even more problems. Her soccer coach has been replaced by the very person who might take over her father’s job, and while going to the dreaded Math Fefst competiton she was unwillingly picked for, she is kidnapped, yet no one believes her story. Can Ingrid get out of this mystery without getting into too much trouble? Best selling author Peter Abraham had done it again with this suspenseful sequel to Down the Rabbit Hole. –Olivia R.

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