Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Mouth and Ugly Girl by Joyce Carol Oates

Two lives unexpectedly collide in this warm and humorous story written by well-known author Joyce Carol Oates. Matt “Big Mouth” Donaghy is a straight A student. Ideal. Funny. A bit too funny. After making a thoughtless comment in his schoool cafeteria, he ends up being taken into custody by the police. Ursula Riggs calls herself “Ugly Girl.” A basketball star, she ends up quitting after a loss that she believes her entire team will hate her for. After hearing of Matt’s “arrest,” she decides to stand up for him, and for what is right. The case might be over, but the problem that arises from it causes both Matt and Ursula to struggle through school and their own lives. Luckily, they have each other to help them through thick and thin. Joyce Carol Oates has written a thought-provoking story about what is right, what is wrong, the matters of the heart, and acceptance.
-Olivia R.

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