Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Talk Talk Talk by T.C. Boyle

A different spin on the concept of identity theft is written about in this story, Talk Talk Talk by T.C. Boyle. One woman, Dara Halter, istrying to live her life as normally as possible, and so far in life she has been successful. She has a wonderful teaching job at a local school. A new, caring boyfriend (Bridger Martin), and she has no debt. Until one day, after being pulled over by the police for running a stop sign, she is arrested for outrageous charges such as bad checks, auto theft, and more. Dana, who had lived a successful life meanwhile with the struggle of being deaf cannot believe that this could be happening to her. Being deaf was a handicap enough but now with an identity thief, how could she possibly continue? So as a result, Dara and her devoted boyfriend Bridger go on a chance to find the thief! This story is a good book to read, if extremely bored. This story is a good and the idea is good, but at times the story drags and becomes dull. If I were to rate this story out of ten, I would give it a seven. –Christine Y.

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