Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Mango Season by Amulya Malladi

The main chracter Priya Rao, is returning back to her hometown in India after spending seven years in America as a student then as a worker in San Diego. Going to India means she’ll have to tell her family about her engagement to an American, Nick. Priya was looking forward to her trip and dreading it at the same time. She missed the mangoes and making mango picle but she also knew her parents wouldn’t approve of Nick, when they want her to marry a nice Indian boy they pick out. After Priya’s stay a little while in India she discovers her parents already have a match made for her, but what about Nick? What if Priya never tells her parents about Nick and just goes on with the wedding? What about he boy Priya’s parents have in mind for her to see? I found this book very enjoying ot read, even when it was mostly written for adults to read. The author really emphasizes about mangoes and India that you almost feel like you are inside the story. Priya had her ups and downs and was stressed out about Nick, and you felt like you were almost standing there with her going through it. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys to read. –Ina K.

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