Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman

In this extraordinary book, Lyra, a young girl living at Jordan College among much precedence scholars, is fairly happy with her life playing with other children. That is, until she hides away in a cabinet in the room where the senior scholars meet and finds out about mysterious expeditions to the North. While eavesdropping, Lyra hears about a mysterious Dust that is attracted to adults and their demons. (Daemons are the physical embodiment of their person’s soul.) When a mysterious group known as Gobblers began kidnapping children form all over, Lyra’s life takes a turn for adventure. With her best friends taken by the Gobblers, she vows to locate him. When called to the master’s home for dinner among scholars, Lyra finds a woman, Mrs. Coulter, she is mesmerized by and joins her as an assistant. When leaving, she is called to the master’s study and given a alethiometer which is able to tell things fo interest to those able to read it. While living with Mrs Colter, Lyra discovers Mrs. Coulter is a Gobbler. Running away form Mrs. Coulter, Lyra is found by a gyptian famil she knew form Jordan College. This family and others are gin north to find the missing children and are accompanied by Lyra. IN her thrilling adventure s in the northk, Lyra encounters witches, armored bears, horrible people hurting and terrifying the missing children, and surprising truths about her parents. “I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys page-turning books filled with fantasy and adventure. –Sam B.

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