Thursday, July 14, 2005

Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen

I read the book BRIAN'S RETURN by Gary Paulsen. One part of the story that I liked was how Brian matured. At the beginning, he viewed himself as a wild boy in the city. He then decides to move back to the wild, where he can view himself as normal. He prepares himself with items he may need, then he sets off to the woods.

I also like how Brian meets Billy. Billy teaches Brian about his medicine animal which will help him. Brian's medicine animal is a deer. Brian realizes that he will be like Billy when he gets older.

Some things in the Brian series have happened to Gary Paulsen. He wrote in the author's note that he lived in the wild just like Brian. Also, the character Billy and Gary Paulsen both have a crow as their medicine animal. I liked BRIAN'S RETURN. Bruce H.

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