Monday, July 11, 2005

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul compiled by Jack Canfield and others

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE TEENAGE SOUL is about teenagers talking about things that have happened in their lives. The stories they write are about life, love, and learning.

My favorite story in this Chicken Soup book would be "Reaching Out to a Stranger". Even though I love all the stories, this one made me cry. It is about a boy who gave his favorite basketball sneakers to a pregnant woman who couldn't afford shoes. Deep in this boy's heart, he gave the woman his shoes. I thought that this was the most caring thing that someone could do for another. I hope that people in this world do more of these actions every day; even a simple "Hello" to someone would make them feel better.

I would recommend this book to all teenagers in the world. That is how good it is. -Elyse Horomanski

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