Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wringer by Jerry Spinelli

WRINGER is a great and exciting book by Jerry Spinelli. Living a normal, but sad life, Palmer LaRue has really no friends. He only plays with Dorothy Gruzik, a sweet little girl who is one year younger than him. He finally gets this gang of kids who he wants to join, and he does. After his ninth birthday, he invites Beans, Mutto, and Henry, the gang members. The only way he can be in the gang, he has to get the treatment from Farquar, the most feared kid in town. He joins the gang, and his nickname is Snots. He fears only one day that he hoped would never come: Pigeon Day. On his tenth birthday, he has to wring the pigeons' necks that don't die whenever the shooters shoot them. He doesn't want to kill them. He also has a secret pigeon named Nipper. Will Palmer become a wringer? Will Palmer fight for what he believes in? All you have to do is pick up this book.

I liked the way how Palmer thought differently about something that everyone else thought only one way of. I liked how this book ended. It was very exciting and a great book for all ages. -Nilma M.

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