Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wurst Case Scenario by Catherine Clark

The worst decision that Courtney Von Dragen had ever made was to go to college in Wisconsin. This not only means living miles away from her home in Arizona, but being apart from her longtime boyfriend, Grant. Courtney worries about keeping up this relationship. She's afraid that Grant will find someone else or they'll lose contact with each other.

Other obstacles are put in front of Courtney, so she has more than one thing to worry about. In Wisconsin, they sell only cheese and meats, but Courtney can't eat anything since she is a vegetarian. Not only that, she is having trouble with her roommate, Mary Jo.

All of these problems and how Courtney gets out of them is what makes this book so great. Courtney is someone that you could relate to. She was also in the book, Truth or Dairy. Catherine Clark has a great way of making characters come to life. This is a wonderful book to enjoy. -Christine Y.

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