Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pictures in the Dark by Patricia McCord

This is a really good but sad book. The main characters, Sarah, 12, and Carlie, 15, have a really big secret. They never know what may set off their mother. They dont know whether they'll get dinner, use the bathroom, get a bath, or talk to a new friend. And most likely, their dad doesn't know. This is a story about two girls who try to make their lives as normal as possible. When their mom gets a job, it's one of the most exciting news because they won't have to see their mother after school, therefore allowing them to use the bathroom, get something to eat, and talk on the phone. But one day, Carlie gets asked to a date with Jesse, the boy that works at a gas station nearby. Having nothing to wear, Carlie goes into her mother and father's bedroom when they are both at work and tries on one of her mother's dresses. But that day, their mother comes home early, and her mother screams mean names and beats Carlie while Sarah begs her mother to stop. The next morning, a very tired and angry Carlie decides to run away. Their mother thinks that she'll return later today, but she was proven wrong.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was interesting how a broken up family can get back together. This story is very touching. It gives me hope because even though they had it bad, they made it through. So it makes me feel like I could make it, too. -Jisun K.

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