Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Wizards Dozen: Stories of the Fantastic, edited by Michael Stearns

In A WIZARDS DOZEN there are many good stories of wizards. The one I will report on is "The Sixty-two Curses of Caliph Arenschadd". This Caliph is a very interesting man. He keeps a list of curses so that every time he gets mad at some people they get cursed, and then if they get cursed again they get cursed with the second curse which is worse, and this pattern keeps on going. One man is on a bad curse and is turned into a werewolf. To stop himself being turned into a werewolf, he apologizes, and it is accepted. He asks to have the curse removed, but there is no antidote. His son figures something to do and makes the Caliph really angry. The Caliph cursed him again and that got rid of the curse. The Caliph suddenly knew what had been done. He laughed and said don't do it again. This is a good book, but very magical. I enjoyed it considerably. -Joshua M.

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