Thursday, August 11, 2005

Skellig by David Almond

Michael was a young boy, eager to move into his new house. Now, his baby sister is ill, and a doctor nicknamed Dr. Death has come to call. Michael feels terrible and upset, until he steps into a crumbling garage. Underneath all the spiderwebs and dead flies lies a creature named Skellig. In this discovery, he can only consult his friend, Mina, the only one who will believe him. What is Skellig? An angel? A man? Or a bird?

SKELLIG is a touching mystery about the powers of friendship, nature, and the healing power of love. A truly haunting story, Skellig is unforgettable. A dark, moody story to the very end, David Almond weaves a beautiful tale, describing how fragile life can be at its end, or at its beginning. -Olivia R.

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