Thursday, August 11, 2005

Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot

PRINCESS IN WAITING is the sequel to Princess in Love. In my opinion they are both great books. In this one, Princess Mia is in Genovia, the country in which she is heir to the throne. Previously, in Princess in Love, Mia told Michael her feelings for him at the Winter Ball, and they became a couple. He had also felt the same way. But now, Mia is in Genovia for a month. While there, she had to give a televised Christmas Eve greeting to the Genovian public, meet Genovian Parliament, meet with the prime minister of England, and get her boyfriend a birthday present, and much more. For instance, her grandmother teaches her something about love. She says that you must keep Michael, or any other boyfriend she may have later on, keep "chasing" her. (ex. He should call, not you, many presents, etc.) Mia tells Tina, her friend, and they both decide that's just what they'll do. When she finally gets back to New York, Michael asks Mia to go on their first date, later ruined when she is forced to go to the Black and White ball with her grandmother, Dowager Princess of Genovia, on the same day. So now, Mia thinks that she is going to be dumped by Michael because she had to cancel their first date. I'm going to stop there so I won't give away the ending. I really enjoyed this book. The only thing I don't like is how Mia thought Michael was going to dump her just because she had to serve her country and had to cancel their first date. Like the last book, Mia waited too long to tell him, she's just too quiet and shy. I think this is a great book because for once in life, you don't just focus on your problems. This is a really cool book.
-Jisun K.

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